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Hello, I am an Enterprise Network Professional Based in Pune, India, I have more than 8+ years of experience in Network Design & Implementation for a giant IT Enterprise.

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Harshal Modak

Enterprise Network Consultant,Designer ,Developer From India

Welcome to harshalmodak.com ! My name is Harshal Modak and I am a Master's degree holder in Information Technology from University of Nottingham,UK. Previously I have taken my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from University of Pune. I am an IT Network Professional along with which I am pursuing my hobby as a part time software developer, be aware I am a technology addict. Nowadays nurturing my networking skills in worlds one of the biggest IT Enterprise where I am getting exposed to many evolving technologies and doing something from a standard mainstream work which happens in IT. I have worked as a freelance developer in the past, developed many web applications in ASP.NET,CSS,PHP & in different CMS technologies like wordpress,joomla,drupal.

I have done some extra-ordinary and exciting projects as a freelance developer and during courses of my Bachelors & Masters. I hold in hand experience in designing and building corporate network infrastructure having expertise in configuration of almost all network devices (Cisco, CheckPoint, Juniper, Aruba, Fortinet, Palo Alto). To support network infrastructure I also code desktop applications using python. I do believe that everyone has a story to tell and you can read my story and everything about me on this website. You can also checkout blog.harshalmodak.com. Apart from my technical life, driving and swimming are two most important things which are part of my living ! I am not remarkably clever nor exceptionally gifted. I am ordinarily very curious !

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My resume

Here is a Glimpse on my Educational and Professional Journey So Far !

Work Experience

Dec 2021 - now

Now Network Configuration Specialist !

from December 2021 to Present day

Working with Roche, Pune !

Proud to be a part of Roche Information Solutions, Pune. Currently designated as a Network Configuration Specialist to support different in-house projects and cater their changing requirements. Involved in handling clould solutions like Azure, AWS & GCP.

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July 2017 - Dec 2021

Was Accenture Sr. Network Analyst !

from July 2017 to December 2021

Worked with Accenture, Pune !

Proudly worked as a Senior Network Administrator for an Enterprise Giant Accenture. Handling India network operations with an amazing exposure to multi vendor devices and cloud technologies.

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June 2014 - June 2017

Was TCS Associate !

from July 2014 to June 2017

Worked with TCS, Pune !

Started professional life at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Pune in 2014. I was working as a network administrator who handles complete enterprise network for Pune region.

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Sept.2012 - Sept.2013

M.S. Information Technology

University of Nottingham,UK

Reward : First Class With Merit.

Core Modules Studied : Computer Networks, Human Computer Systems, Cloud Computing, Computing Ethics, Software Engineering, OOP, User Understanding, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Computer Security, Network Communication.

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Aug.2007 - Aug.2011

B.E. Computer Engineering

University of Pune,India

Reward : First Class

Core Modules Studied : Data Structures, Algorithm Designing, Operating Systems, Theory of Computing, Principles of Compiler Design, OOP, Advance Databases, Distributed Systems, Network and Information Security, Advance Computer Architecture, Data Communication, Management of Information Systems, Financial And Industrial Management, System Programming, Computer Graphics, RDBMS, Microprocessors.

April 2005-April 2007

High School & College

SSC & HSC Exam Certification from Nashik Divisional Board

Reward : First Class

Studied core science subjects in English medium. Computer Science was a vocational subject for both SSC & HSC.

I am good at

I Have excellent technical skills, communication skills and I am a goal-focused professional. Highly-motivated to achieve short and long-term goals in the organizational manner. Motivated to achieve effective planning skills for complex projects which require extensive learning and challenging materials. I have core knowledge and practical experience in designing and implementing enterprise level network infrastructure, followed with live technical support for fault isolation. I am also interested in designing & implementing new techniques like Cloud deployments, Virtual LAB deployments, Proof of concept support etc. Which helps me to improve the interaction between users.

  • Design & Implement Network Infrastructure
  • Respoinsive Web Design
  • Azure, AWS & GCP Cloud Network Solutions
  • Next-Gen Firewall Management & Implementation
  • Network Virtual LAB Environment Deployment
  • Network Hardware Installation & Fault Finding

"Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be...."

~ Harshal Modak

Here Are Few Of The Areas For Which You Can Rely On Me

My objective is to take a challenging and high performance oriented role in the field of Computer engineering and implement the expertise and experience gained in this field to develop complex projects with efficiency and quality.

IT Network Administration

Its more than 8 years now since working with an giant IT Enterprise managing its complex and ever growing network. I work as a direct point of contact for design and implementation of any network requirements.

Desktop Software Development

I have in hand experience of software development in .NET, Java, C#, VB, C++ etc., I can create effective and fully customized product according to your needs!! Software is very crucial to improve and achieve ease in overall growth of an organization.

Graphics & UI Designing

Visually perfect and easy to navigate Softwares, Websites and Mobile applications are very important when it comes to quality assurance. Graphics is the only place through which you can please your viewers. They say that "A picture is worth a thousand words.." Contact me to design a suitable graphics for you.

Website Development

Website ! is the perfect answer for the question 'How people are going to find you over Internet?'. To have a website for your business or personal use is one of the most important thing to mark online presence. I develop using ASP.NET,PHP,HTML,Wordpress,Joomla & Drupal

Mobile Application Development

World is getting Mobile day by day. People started with huge CRT's then LCD's and now they want the computational power on a very small OLED mobile screen. I develop fully customized mobile application for Android.

Consulation for H/W & S/W

When you are not from technical background, many times it happens that you want to purchase a hardware or software for your personal use but you don't know exactly what to look for ! So I can help you out with the decision after knowing all your requirements. I am good at designing network topologies as well.

My Work Process







"If you have something in Mind then Don't Hesitate"

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My Clients

Words of appraisal from my esteemed clients !

Very dedicated and motivated person I have seen.One thing I learnt from Harshal,while working with him is “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.” All my wishes are with Harshal for all his future endeavours.

Author Name - Mr.Gaurank Patil

I have been extremely impressed with Harshal’s work. In a highly specialized manner he created a required graphics work for me within very less time and on short notice. His high-energy and graphics skills allowed me to present the required work. I am very pleased with his work.

Author Name - Mr.Kunal Kabare

My Blog

My personal opinions on trendy topics about Technology. Read my blogs share your views about the same. Lets help other people to understand the things in more precise manner ! I believe “Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can.”

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  • harshalmodak@gmail.com, contact@harshalmodak.com

  • +91 9960494009

  • DSK Vishwa, Dhayari, Pune, Maharashtra, India

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